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The oldest producing vineyard in Monterey County,
Chalone Vineyard Estate rests on the Gavilan Mountain Range

Chalone Vineyards Pinnacles National Park 210729 79 Vista Vineyard Pinnacles

About Chalone Vineyard

Chalone Vineyard is the sole winery in the Chalone American Viticultural Area (AVA), a federally designated area that has climatic, geologic and geographic features that distinguish it from the land surrounding it.

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Pinnacle Wine Club

Become a member of our Pinnacle Wine Club and gain exclusive access to one of the most historic properties in Monterey County. Members receive many benefits, including preferred access to new wine releases and limited production bottlings.

Chalone Beauty Reserve PN and CH 2017v

Chalone Vineyard Wines

The wines of Chalone Vineyard speak to the unique terroir of its remarkable site attributed by granitic and limestone soils, resulting in high quality wines with distinct minerality and balance between ripe fruit character and bright acidity.